Custom Colors

 I'm trying to figure out if EW7 supports

1. saving custom color swatches (when I "Add" colors to "custom colors" none of them save/stay in they little swatch boxes??)

2. has/will have a eye-dropper color picker (I have yet to find)

3. plans to add hex code in the "custom colors" window?

Thanks for the help.

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I believe not being able to save custom colors to the color palate is a bug. 

The other two would need to be added as a feature request.

We have branding colours (with hex codes) that would be good to be able to use in EasyWorship

I have the same issue no being able to save custom color swatches. Also, would love to have the eye-dropper tool as well. Am posting here so developers know it would be really nice to have these options in a future upgrade.

Feature requests should be made in the appropriate area of the forums. See the "Feature Requests" area to see what has already been requested and post your own requests. 

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