EZW6 software closing

"In EZW6... in the song editor window.. entering any text closes the EZW software"

We have uninstalled and re-installed the software.  The behavior remains the same regardless of how we access the song editor.

The behavior is the same if we try to edit and existing song.



What release and Build of EW6 are you running? The latest is 6.7.16. That is available here.


Also, what version Windows are you running. I don't think that EW6 is 100% compatible with Windows 11, but I'm not 100% certain of that. I'm just a user, not one of their support people..

Hi Donal,

Thanks for your insights...

Pretty sure that it is Windows 11 as it is a new laptop.

It is V 6.7.16

I'm going to suggest that they run the compatibility troubleshooter.


You might want to open a Support Ticket with EW from the Support Home page. They might have some ideas on what to do. I haven't used EW6 since shortly after EW7 came out and have avoided Windows 11 like the plague.  

Here's the link to the Support Home Page.


Below is a link to a thread here about other users reporting the same issue with EW6 under Win 11. In it Dan from EW offers no solution except to upgrade to EW7 stating that EW6 is no longer being actively supported (as in no more updates).


What you might want to do is install EW7 on that computer without registering it and share the same profile. Use EW7 to edit the songs and EW6 to project to your in house screens as the EW7 output would have a large EasyWorship watermark across the display screens as it would be running in demo mode. The watermark would not be embedded in the files though, so anything projected from a registered version of EW would look normal and free of the watermark. I haven't tried that, but in theory it should work. I used to have EW2009, EW6, and EW7 all installed on a test/support computer without any issues.

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