Upgrade from free version to EW 7 can't find songs on previous version

Folks, I am a new pastor who has upgraded the church with EW 7 and they had hundreds of songs already entered into the database. I saved this file on an external hard drive and now cannot access the old data. Help, I need lots of Help!!!!

Do you know what version you were upgrading from? Are you trying to transfer the data from an old computer to a new computer or did you upgrade on the same computer?

The default profile location that will contain all the songs and resources is in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship. You should see a folder called Default. If you see any other folders there, your data may have been in another profile folder. 

If there is another profile in EasyWorship, you can go to Profiles > Profiles Manager and create a profile and point it to that profile folder as an existing profile.

I would guess it’s before version 6 and upgraded computer and software. 

If you still have the old computer, you can use the transfer tool to transfer the database as long as it was running EW 2009 or later.

EasyWorship data transfer tool

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