FEATURE REQUEST: Color-coded Schedule

 I'd like to see color coding become available. Similar to how the labels in a song work. I'd like to be able to have things within my schedule color-coded.

  • How would you like the feature to work?
I'd like to be able to group together the items in our schedule that go to each part of the service.


Everything that we use before church starts, I'd like to label "Pre-Service" and assign a color to it. This could either be a label (like Chorus, Pre-chorus, etc) where only Pre-Service is colored OR where every item is colored. Then have another one that I could label "Worship, " which would be our countdowns and songs. Then another that I could label "Info Slides", and so on. I know I could create a "song" and make my own labels that way, but I'd still be missing the color-coded part, which is the part that would be most beneficial.

  • Why is this feature important to you?
This is important to me because it would help us find things easier. We have some items that need to stay in the schedule as a "just in case" but maybe our Pastor would call for it one week after praise & worship and then another week he may call for it before closing service. Scrolling through 40+ items in a schedule can be a little discouraging when trying to quickly locate what we need. I looked over our schedule and we have 7 categories in each Sunday schedule and 6 during a midweek schedule. Sometimes on midweeks, we only use 5 categories, but still need to keep 6 categories there just in case.

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