When trying to add a new song I get Access Violation 0149BB20

Preparing a service for a funeral tomorrow morning. Trying to add some songs that were requested. When I window opens to start working on a song I get the following message: "Access violation at address 0149BB20 in module 'EasyWorship.exe'. Read of address 0000005C."

If I try to click theme, I get a different error. If I try to create a title, I get a different error. If I dare try to add lyrics, I get a never ending loop of errors requiring EasyWorship to be closed in task manager.

I was on 7.3.1, but updated to the latest when this error occurred. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

If you need this for tomorrow (Saturday the 25th) you really should call there Support Telephone Number to get this resolved in time. There is no guarantee that anyone from EW Support will see this post in time.

+1 918-250-1493|Mon - Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM CST

You can also try the following as it has helped others with a similar error message found in another thread. 

"You may have a corrupt song theme.Please go to the Song Themes and right click a different theme and set it as your default and see if that fixes the issue."

Otherwise due to the time crunch involved here call EW by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) during regular business hours, Mon thru Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST as there is no guarantee that any actual EW Support Personnel will see your post and resond to it in time.

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