Activity reports

Can anyone explain these in a bit more detail please.

I have a copy of EW on my home computer and when I run  a song activity report, it reports a large number of uses, so it would seem to be reporting what has been used by the main church computer, and not just looking at the few schedules on my home computer, is this correct?

Also, is seems to be over-reporting. For example, one song which we use quite often is reported as being used 100 times in one year. 20 times, I might believe, but not 100.

It will rely on the CCLI song number/ID. That would be the only way they could verify it's the correct song that's being reported.

You can either easily reimport the songs from SongSelect or edit the songs and add the song ID to the info field in the Inspector.

Thanks again. Final question (I hope), does the reporting rely on the CCLI song number being entered on the "inspector", or is it cleverer than that?

We have a significant number of songs that were entered using cut and paste as the CCLI import was not working for a while.

EasyWorship will auto-report the song only, not the count of the song within a given day. So whether you use it once or 50 times, it will just report the song. 

We have been in close communication with CCLI since this is their API and it's the way they want it to be, so when you use the auto-reporting, you know that it is reporting correctly.

Thanks Dan, that sounds great but does it report a song as used twice if it was projected during the band practice then during the service?

There is not a way to filter by time of day, but you can select a date range. 

If you're looking at the report to be able to report it on CCLI, we have just released a beta version that has auto-reporting for CCLI included. That way you don't need to keep track manually of the songs you go live with. BETA Available : EasyWorship 

Thanks Dan, for the clarification.

It seems to me that this will result in songs being reported as being used approximately twice the number of times that they really have been, as most churches have a band rehearsal either on a separate day or before the service.

Would it be possible to filter the songs used by time of day as well as by date, then only songs that went live during the times of your service of worship would be recorded on the activity lists?

This would also solve the issue of reporting songs that were live streamed from a morning service separately from those that were not at an evening service.

The reporting will only show what has been used on the local computer. Any time you Go Live to a song, EW will report it as being projected. So, if you're at home setting up the schedules, if you go live to a song (even if you aren't sending it to a projector/TV) it will report as projected.

You shouldn't need to run that report on your home computer since you aren't 'projecting' to a congregation. You can run it on your sanctuary computer and it should give you a more accurate account of the songs you went live to.

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