Song information is labeled improperly after viewing SongSelect

After opening and closing the SongSelect tab, each song's Copyright, Song Number, Author, and Administrator get scrambled. For example, a song whose Author is Tommy Walker and whose Copyright is 1998 Maranatha Music will change to having the Song Number as 1998 Maranatha Music and the Copyright as Tommy Walker. All of the information is correct when opening the inspector. Sorting the columns works normally as well, although the labels are incorrect. Sorting the Administrator will sort whatever column has the Administrator data. Adjusting the width of a column also affects the incorrect column. Adjusting the width of the Copyright column affects the width of the Song Number column, for example. All this is fixed after closing and reopening the program, but will happen again after opening SongSelect.

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I have tried to recreate this issue and am not able to. Is this a song you downloaded from SongSelect? I'm not able to find this song in SongSelect.

I have imported songs from SongSelect and typed in my own songs and added the copyright info in the Inspector and when I go to SongSelect and back to songs, everything is where it's supposed to be.

What build number of EW are you running?

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