Song does not display correctly in EW7.4.

When I drag a song into a new schedule it displays both what the screen will look like and the lyrics that are in the song. Takes up a lot of real estate. then, when I drag an audio file on top of it, I get a blank box at the top with the song displayed below it. 

It does not look at all like any of the video tutorial files Dan makes.

Anyone have any ideas?

Best Regards

Jeffrey Beardsley

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you're seeing? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by getting a blank box at the top, unless you're not dropping the audio file on top of the song, but in the schedule before the song.


Thanks for the response.


First: Screenshot of a song without embellishment and one (the same one) with a theme attached.





Second: Screenshot of song after attaching theme.




Be gentle, I’m a newby. Still figuring this out.


Thanks in advance for the assist.



It might be easier for you if you turn off the auto expanding of the song. It sounds like you're dropping the audio file as the first slide of the song and not on the main song slide.

Right click on an item in the schedule and select Auto-expand items when dragging so it unchecks.

Then, with the song collapsed, where you just see the main slide like in your first image, drag and drop an audio file onto that slide and see if that works.

No Joy Dan.

I turned of Auto Expand. And then used an entirely different song. I get the same result. One the one hand I really wouldn't care if I could tell what song it was. But since it's blank it's difficult and will be more so since others will actually be controlling presentation.

Any other ideas?


I think we might be talking in circles. What do you want or expect to see when you drag an audio file onto a song in the schedule? The main slide of any song will just show the thumbnail with the background it's using. You won't see any text on it. I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about or not.


I think you may be right and I have egg on my face. sigh......

I had gotten the impression from one of the videos on your youTube site that when I dragged a song, or anything else, to the Schedule area I would see the first screen of that item. You've got me straightened out.



No worries Jeff, glad I could help.

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