Logging out of old account

I had bought a new license for our church because the old license holder is not with us anymore. How do I log out of his registered account and replace it with my new registration? (On a PC). I have logged in before but it keeps going back to his account and not the new license we purchased.

I am going to convert this to a ticket and have someone contact you via the ticket. 

I am totally new to Easy Worship what do you recommend I study first? I’m not even sure that I want to learn how to use it in Church just want to be a back up if needed.

For help getting started we have an extensive video library and how-to-articles which you can find here:Solutions : EasyWorship. Under Video Library, I recommend Building A Schedule, Presentation Designer and Creating Themes as good starting choices. We also have a YouTube channel with additional videos here: EasyWorship YouTube. If you would like to rewatch a recording of either of our training summits, you can do that from here: EasyWorship Online Training Summit YouTube

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