Update - can't log in to song select

Latest upgrade has a new browser which is great but it won't let us log into SongSelect now...

 That's odd as that is one of the things the 7.4 series was designed specifically to address. I can assure you that it is working for most people. In fact I just used it to log into SongSelect this past Thursday, Friday, and am currently logged into SS at the moment while typing this reply.

Three things I would try. First make sure that you are entering in the correct login.password. 2nd is to re-install EW to see if that fixes anything. And 3rd can you successfully log in from a stand alone browser such as FireFox, Vivaldi, Chrome, Edge?

If that doesn't help, tell us EXACTLY what is happening and what SPECIFICALLY is any error messages when you attempt to login. Remember, we aren't there looking over your shoulder so we can't see what is happening. The more details you can provide the better the chance that EW support will be able to solve your problem.

Thanks for your replies. I will try reinstalling. I tried logging in on a separate browser and that worked fine. So the password is correct. We tried through the web tab and the new songselect link in the song list. Both just say we have an incorrect username or password. I did type it incorrectly once. But it was correct in subsequent attempts. I did restart the computer and try again. I'll try again this morning. And hopefully reinstalling will help.

Dorenda Smith installed the new software last night to replace the beta version and when she adds new images to the data base, they appear normal in the media list, but when she applies them in a presentation or on a song, they do not show up. SHe opened them in edit and applied the media as a background, but it still doesn't show up on the live output.  Pretty frustrated...she would like to get 7.3 back long enough to get through worship this morning.  

My initial post has been resolved. I didn't realise that SongSelect needed my CCLI log in not my EasyWorship login. My misunderstanding not a technical issue I think. Thanks for the help trying to solve it.

Vickie, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but your message arrived while I was in Church this morning and I didn't have an opportunity to reply. You can find the links to download and at the following EW Support Article.


That said, I'm just another user, not an EW Support person. It's quite possible that when one of them looks at this on Monday they might have some idea how to correct the issue you are having with your graphics.

Vickie, the first thing to do is uninstall the Beta and then reinstall the and see if that fixes the image issue. If you still have a problem, it would be best to contact support directly and they can help you resolve it. Email support@easyworship.com or go to easyworship.com/book to schedule a callback with a technician.

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