Can't access CCLI thru the easy worship method

Why can't I download the CCLI songs thru Easy Worship? We're supposed to be able to and we click on New Song from Song Select and it opens the CClI webpage within EW. But I can't login. It won't accept my password and yes, I'm typing it in correctly. I was already on the CCLI website prior to that, so I know the pw is the right one. I contacted them and they said to contact you 'cause it's nothing on their end.

In EW click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know which build number you are running.

Why cant I use Easy worship 6 with CCLi to download lyrics?

CCLI stopped supporting Internet Explorer which is what EW used for their browser. Since EW6 was no longer supported by EW they only fixed EW7 to be able to connect to CCLI. Unfortunately they won't be updating EW6 to be able to do it. The only option is use an Internet Browser like Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, etc. to go to CCLI SongSelect and Copy and Paste into EW6.

Donal is right, you would have to go directly to CCLI through a web browser. Once you download the CCLI .txt file, you can open EW6, Click on New and New Song, click on the upload button right below the song title and you can import the text file. It will break it up into the verses, chorus, etc.

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