Use of coloured/bold text on alternate output via NDI

We use the alternate output via NDI to feed lyrics to OBS for overlay on our livestream. Mostly, this works fine. The only issue that I can't solve is where the text is partly coloured and/or bold, such as when we have responses, eg "The Lord be with you"  <bold>"and also with you"</bold>

Is there a way to apply text formatting to different parts of the text on the same slide on the alternate output? Or is the NDI getting in the way?

We are putting the liturgy into EZW as songs, not as scripture.

Any ideas gladly received. Sorry if this has been dealt with already.

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Hi, when will this bug fixed?

Our current "solution" to this it to use capitalised text i.e. "The Lord be with You"  "AND ALSO WITH YOU". This is the only way we have found to indicate responses on the alt output.

Thanks for your response :-)

Currently, you are not able to format your text on Alt as individual slides or separate text. You can edit the default Alt theme and make a change for the entire theme, but not individual text or slides.

This will be available in the future.

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