Song Background is showing on Alternate output

Hi, we have been using alternate output successfully for a couple months,  today something new showed up.  On certain songs, the background image of the song is being displayed on the alternate output.  We are running V7.3.0.13 with Windows 10.How do I fix this?

I just sent it to your email.

no, didn't receive.  Did you sent to the email that starts with pastor.......?  If so, that is just the guy paying for the subscription. Send to the email that I use as the login for support.

I sent them to your email address if you didn't get them let me know. 

Terry, can you post the workaround instructions?  When I reloaded the schedule, the songs you repaired came back with the same Alternate Output problem.  I tried to follow the instructions I wrote down, but it didn't work. I am at home now so I will try it on my laptop that is showing the same issue.

I did a remote into your machine to day Kenneth and was able to help you.

Hi Eric, I tried V7.4.0.8 and had same problem with backgrounds displaying on Alternate Output.  Spent some time with Terry online and 

he showed me a work around.  Also in working with v7.4.0.8, EW would hang up several times and I had to restart EW.  I am going back to v7.3.0.13 until v7.4 is more stable.

Eric, I will try V7.4.0.8 when I am at the Church tomorrow.  Last time I tried 7.4 Beta, there were issues with PPT tiles

not displaying so I went back to V7.3.0.13.

Hi Dan, thanks for quick reply.  Media usage is set to Background.


If you edit one of the songs that is displaying the background on the Alt out and go to Inspector and look at the Background. Is the media usage set to Background or Foreground?

This may be an issue with that build of EasyWorship. We have a newer build that has some important bug fixes that was recently released on our Downloads page on our website. The latest build is EasyWorship

Here is the link to download EasyWorship

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