Theme Layers & Effects

Hello! After searching for about 10 minutes, I haven't seen anyone request this or something similar so I hope I'm not repeating this.

Goal: Use Logo Video loop as Logo Theme and Scripture Theme. As Logo Theme, the video loop is clear, no effects. When turning off the logo to present a scripture, would like the video loop to continue behind, but blurred and darkened, sustaining a good level of eligibility. I think adding the option to add simple effects to each layer in a theme would be amazing. Ie;, blur, opacitity, brightness/contrast. I'm currently doing this with hotkeys in obs; solid green square for scripture background and keying it out in obs, but it's a long winded solution as obs doesn't allow one hot key to act as a toggle so we had to make a lua to enable this (using ctrl+L to switch between scenes) Adding the option to add effects to themes and their layers would open up an avenue of production ease. 

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