Closer Inspector (Helper) with EasyWorship

Just updated to EW 7.4.07 and it has replaced the desktop shortcut which has the switch to automatically close the Inspector program too. But I have searched through Knowledge Base and FAQs but cannot find it. It's something like 'CloseHelper' but I can't figure it out.

You would think by now this could have been integrated with EasyWorship to close both programs together instead of leaving the Inspector continuing to run.

David, I have found that it's often times easier to find something on EW by using a search engine like Google from a browser instead of searching on the actual EW Support page. I just type in something like "close helper for easy worship" (without the quotation marks) and see what Google finds. In this case it was the very first entry. Other search engines would probably do as well.

Using the same query on the EW Support Page returned nothing of value from the first 15 or so results.

Thanks Donal, exactly what I wanted. I'll keep a note in my backups for the next time.

No problem. We all have a Sometimers moment now and again. 

Thanks Don. I totally misunderstood the question. 

 Hi Terry, I'm a bit confused that you don't understand the Windows shortcut for closing inspector. See attached desktop shortcut and in the target you add the switch at the end. I just want to know what the switch is. As I said earlier it's something like CloseHelper and it used to be somewhere in your Knowledge Base or FAQs but I can no longer find it.

Re-installing EW won't make any difference as it won't automatically add the switch.

I would just reboot and then run the reinstall again. 

Should be 'Closing Inspector'

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