I am having trouble accessing the media and the web.

Every time I try and access the media it only sits and fades light to dark white and will never load up. Then if I go to the web and try and access the YouTube it says I need to upgrade the existing version which I know I already have on Chrome and Windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EW7 is tied to Internet Explorer  (I don't know all of the technical details) which is no longer supported. It doesn't make any difference what other browsers you have installed on the computer, EW will ONLY use IE. They have a BETA version of EW 7.4 that should remedy that, but it is still in BETA form and not really suitable for production use yet. You can try it if you wish.


You can install the most current build and this issue is fixed. https://ewsoftware.blob.core.windows.net/installers/EasyWorship-

Is another Beta or is it a Final release? I don't see any notification about that in the forum yet.

Thanks for all the help! I will try these as soon as I get to the church

It is the release and not another beta. 

Thanks Terry. I've been waiting for the final. 

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