Screen Saver and Lock Screen override

How would you like the feature to work? 

When Easyworship is running, the screensaver and lock screen is disabled to the screens stay on and the computer doesn't go to sleep.

Why is this feature important to you?

After I boot up the sound booth, before our volunteers arrive, I set up the presentation and streaming so they don't have to.  Our Microsoft Endpoint setup has a screensaver set to 15 minutes on our PCs.  I need the Easyworship PC to not lock/go to sleep but stay on when EW is running so it doesn't create a problem for our volunteers.  during sermons that are longer than the set timeout, i don't want our volunteers to have to log back into the PC at a moment's notice.

vMix and other software has this as part of their software's programming.  I think Easyworship should as well.

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