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Hi we have recently bought a new pc and have reinstalled EW7 however we have noticed there is now a lag in the slide change with in songs. 

Has anyone else experienced this and what issues may be causing this to happen.

The new PC is above the recommended specs



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Danielrjepsen, did it ever work correctly or is this something that started happening recently? Has anything changed recently on the computer? Did you check to see if it is using the latest Nvidia specific graphics driver instead of one from Windows Update (see the post prior to yours for the one I recommend)?

hi i'm having the same issue with i7 12th gen 16gb ddr5 and rtx 3060

can someone please help?

Jedidiah, if this is a laptop it might be using the onboard Intel graphics instead of the Nvidia graphics. See the below article on how to comfigure the system to default to the Nvidia Graphics instead.

 If this is a laptop it might be using the onboard Intel graphics instead of the Nvidia graphics.

Always Use Nvidia Video

The following steps can be used to always use the Nvidia video card.

  1. Open the "Nvidia Control Panel."
  2. Click "3D Settings" > "Manage 3D Settings."
  3. Click the "Program Settings" tab.
  4. On the "Global Settings tab," locate and select the "Preferred graphics processor" option. From the list, select "High-performance Nvidia Processor."
  5. Click Apply.
  • You can also add programs individually, using the drop-down option.
    For the preferred graphics processor, select "High-performance Nvidia Processor."
    Click Apply.
  • Under "Settings," click "Set PhysX configuration."
    From the drop-down menu, select your "Nvidia graphics card" for the processor.
    Click Apply.

i did these and with max settings on applicable set ups. the delays were not lessened.

i really think the fault is in the latest version. i just reinstalled to 7.3 and it worked fine. there is no fix but the easyworship itself.

Jedidiah, I haven't noticed any issues with the latest or on any of my personal computers or on our Church's computers, and all of them are below the specs of your computer. When I troubleshoot and test the systems using Task Manager to tell me how hard the CPU and the GPU is being pushed I didn't notice any difference between the 7.3 releases and the 7.4 releases that are outside the margin of error. And I do some extensive testing of new releases at home prior to installing at the Church to make sure there aren't any issues during a service.

Did you try re-installing to make sure there wasn't something corrupted in the original install? I've also seen times where upgrading directly over an existing install has issues that are corrected by a fresh install like you needed to do to return back to one of the 7.3 releases.

By the way, when you say latest version are you referring to It's much better to state the actual version instead of saying latest and quite often what people think is the latest is actually several versions behind.

it is for a newly bought laptop so it’s a fresh install. when I tried to reinstall to 7.3, it worked fine. i’ll try reinstalling to again.

so as I said it was a fresh install for the then i downgraded to 7.3 and now upgraded via app to again and now it works fine. thank you for the suggestions. it somehow fixed what was wrong.

Good to hear.

I've just had the exact same problem, so I thought it might be useful to summarise my experience:

We have bought a new PC with Win 11 which easily exceeds the EZW requirements, but re-used the NVIDIA Geforce GTX1060 card from our old PC (this should still meet the recommended requirements but isn't listed on

I installed the latest Easyworship and was getting a full 3 second lag on each transition. I realised that I hadn't installed the proper NVIDIA drivers (I had just let windows do its thing), so I then downloaded and installed the NVIDIA drivers, but the lag remained. Taking advice from the above thread, I uninstalled then reinstalled Easyworship - problem solved!!!

Conclusion: I'm guessing the the installation of Easyworship might need to take place *after* the proper NVIDIA drivers for the graphics card are installed.

 What order you install the Graphics Drivers and EasyWorship isn't an issue. It would have nothing to do with this problem. Re-installing EW as more than likely there was one or more files that were corrupted or some registry or configuration file that needed fixing. It was just a coincidence that installing EW after the Driver solved your problem. If the order of install mattered you would need to re-install EW after EVERY driver update, and I can tell you that is not necessary.

It appears that Craig had the same experience as me - reinstalling EW *after* updating the Nvidia drivers solved his problem too

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