Is there a way to send MIDI Out from EW? I am trying to trigger lighting presets for each schedule item as it goes live, or if possible have different presets for different parts of a song. I saw a post about adding a MIDI file to a song. Is this a round about way to add MIDI out to EW? If so, do I just add the MIDI file to the first slide?

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Yes, in these apps, we can control easyworship as a slave.  That's not what was asked in the OP however.

In my situation, we use Easyworship on one PC for words and graphical items and vMix on another to control cameras and livestream.  Currently we need two operators, and most of the time this is fine, but sometimes we only have one operator who has to manage both PCs.  

Since there's always more going on in Easyworship than in vMix, operator wise, the obvious solution to this would be for Easyworship to SEND midi signals, per slide, to vMix to do things like change cameras, turn on or off overlays, start or stop the stream or a playlist, etc., and even send signals to other devices like a mixer.  vMix can map channels and control signals from other devices quite easily.  Currently we have a few triggers setup in vMix to mute and unmute channels on our sound board via midi and this works great.

But I think what we're requesting is that Easyworship be more than a MIDI slave, but also a MIDI master so it can control other devices.  Is this something coming in future versions?  Because it would be a GREAT benefit to smaller churches.

They have sort of added this to EasyWorship, it is limited however. It can now send MIDI, but you don't have much control over what it sends, it's main use (at least for us) at the moment is to control a second computer running EasyWorship. We have a computer for our screen in the room and a separate computer for graphics for our stream. As long as I make sure the schedules are set up identically (as far as where items are in the schedule and how many slides they have) this allows us to have one operator for both. We have also accomplished changing lighting scenes using this as well, although if we want to do something more detailed it doesn't work so well.

I'll try to give an example (I don't know the "proper" way to type out MIDI);

When you select the first item in your schedules and press "Go Live" it sends the following MIDI cues: 1st (Note On) (D#) (-1) (1) 2nd (Note Off) (D#) (-1) (1) the velocity is what tells it which schedule item number to select. 3rd (Note On) (A#) (-2) 4th (Note Off) (A#) (-2) This tells EasyWorship to "Go Live." These happen one right after another seemingly all at the same time.

There is limited ability to change this, and if you change it, it changes for every time you select a schedule item. The velocity is the only thing that is different from one schedule item to another. You can also change the "Go Live" cue, but again, it will send that cue every time you select "Go Live" (I don't find that to be an issue, the only thing I have listening for that cue is the second EasyWorship computer)

When you are live and go to the second slide of the first item, it sends the following MIDI cues: 1st (Note On) (D#) (-1) (1) 2nd (Note Off) (D#) (-1) (1) this is the same as selecting a schedule item. 3rd (Note On) (E) (-1) (2) 4th (Note Off) (E) (-1) (2) with this, the velocity is telling it which slide number to go to.

Same as above, you can change this, but it changes for every time you select a slide with only the velocity changing.

Also, the cues to go to slides are the same no matter what schedule item you are on, so if you are on the first item and go to the second slide or on the 4th item and go to the second slide the cues for selecting the slide number are the same, the only thing that changes is the velocity of the cue selecting what schedule item you are on.

This works for us at the moment, though it would be very helpful to be able to assign my own cues to be sent for at least each slide, then we could use it for controlling our switcher as well. I would love to switch to the close up each time Pastor said a point, but that could be slide #3 or slide #8 and I don't want the switcher going to the close on slide 3 or 8 of every song or other item in the schedule. I would rather the cue for the close up be (F) (-1) (1) and I can tell the slide that has the points to send that, especially if it can send multiple so that it also sends what it does now to control the other computer. Being able to have it send a specific cue to tell the switcher to go to PC for when we play videos would be cool too, but I don't want it to do that for every video, so I would want to be able to add it to the schedule items if I want. I already have our switcher set up to receive MIDI using (F) (-1) and the velocity is the input number on the switcher, but I can't use that from EasyWorship at the moment.

We do use Multitracks Playback, which allows us to have more fine control over lights and switcher, but only during songs that we are using at least the click track.

I'm sure that could probably be explained clearer but I have gave it my best shot

Have there been any further developments in regards to adding MIDI master capabilities to EasyWorship? It would be AWESOME if each slide could have an optional parameter to send a particular MIDI note on a particular channel to trigger lighting effects, video switching, etc. when live. Surely this wouldn't be hard to implement if EW already has the ability to generate some MIDI notes?

I haven't heard anything.  In fact, I haven't heard of anything regarding updates or new versions for quite some time.

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