Change display of Bible version

How would you like the feature to work?
Each Bible version that is displayed in the translation selection box, could have a user defined "Display name" that could be accessed by right-clicking the version name.  For example, the NIVA2011 abbreviation could be made to display "NIV", or null, or anything else the user types in.  This displayed name would remain and be saved in the profile.

Why is this feature important to you?

A Bible version has a fixed translation abbreviation which is displayed with Bible readings in presentations.

At present we change or delete the displayed version by editing each slide in the presentation. This is neither convenient nor quick enough to do in a live presentation, though we can do this when preparing a schedule.

The displayed version abbreviation can be too ugly or distracting for some versions, e.g. "NIV" and "KJV" are okay, but "NIVA2011" is too distracting.  We would prefer to have "NIV" rather than "NIVA2011" as we only use English versions, not American.  We would often not display an abbreviation for our 'usual' translation, but only when we are reading from another translation.

Some flexibility is necessary dependent on the occasion, as we may choose to have a) no abbreviation, b) "NIV", or c) "The Bible", depending on the type of event or service.


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