Finding the right image size for Projector Screen

Hello, in my church we use a standard projector screen but not those electronic ones that we can just plug a USB in, I like to use images from the internet to use as a background or to use as illustrations when presenting a message, the laptop we use is connected to a tv screen and to a projector screen, the problem I encounter when uploading the image im going to use from the internet is its proper size. I tried expanding the image to fill the blank space of the black square live preview screen but it only worked for the TV screen. So there were no issues to fit tge image on the tv screen, only the projector screen For the projector screen it wasnt the same size, in fact it was smaller and I didnt know what to do, I have no idea what size are all the live backgrounds you use in order for it to fit the big projector screen... I uploaded an image of the problem I experience
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Hi Matthew, This is not a bug in EW. If your TV and projector screen use two different resolutions, then images will never look the same on them at the same time. There is no set resolution (size) for images. It will always depend on the ratio and resolution of your screens. If you have two different sized screens that you're sending the output to, like you do with a TV and a projector screen, then you will have to choose which one you want it to fit on. The resolution is determined by windows. You can set the resolution for your output screen in the display settings in windows.

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