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Why cn't I add them anymore

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Because the browser that EW calls up, Internet Explorer is no longer supported by YouTube and can't play them. Since EW is coded to use IE only (not sure about the technical specifics) it can no longer play YT videos. Until EW fixes that issue so it can use a different browser you won't be able to play YT videos thru EW. They claim they are working on this issue but haven't released a timeline of when it will be available or if it will be a Free Update or a paid one. Not one of EW's finer moments as they have known this was going to happen for several years and haven't done anything about it.

The only way I can see around this at the moment is to download the YouTube video (I've found '4K Video downloader' useful), import it into EW7 and include it in the schedule.  The advantage is that there is better control over video playing; the disadvantages are the extra steps in the process and the storage taken by the mp4 file.

Is there another (better) way?

When will the outdated (unusable) browser issue be fixed in EW7?

EW hasn't announced when it will be fixed yet, nor have they decided if it will be considered a Free Bug Fix type update for all supported versions of EW, a Feature type update that will be confined to those on the Subscription Plan (and probably only EW7), confined only to the newer 7.3 branch of EW7, or solely to those purchasing the next major upgrade to EW8 (or whatever they will be naming it).

Looks like EW Support provided more of an answer in the EW6 forum. It does appear that it will limited to EW7 though. Not likely for EW6. Still waiting for more clarification on if it will be for ALL versions of EW7 or just the 7.3 users on the subscription plan. 

Don, as far as I know it will be for all users of EW7.

That's good. Thanks Dan.

Yes this is something we use quite often and not favorable when you’re planning to view even our own church YouTube videos. Has there been an new updated when this will be fixed?

No, they haven't released the update yet, nor have they announced when the update will become available. 

Same issue here... trying to raise awareness. Looks very bad - this certainly is a problem that could have been prevented.

Jonathan Schneider stated: "this certainly is a problem that could have been prevented."

Not could have, but SHOULD have. There is no legitimate excuse for not addressing this issue years ago when ending support for IE was first announced.