Microsoft Dropping Support for IE


Does anyone know what the plan is for when Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft? 

Will the web function no longer work? What about the Song Select portion? It would be great to have a more updated browser integrated into the software. 

The cutoff date for IE11 is June 15th. I know the browser will still work post MS dropping its support, but that said it would be nice to know that there is longevity in the software's functionality. 

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They haven't released a final version yet, but if you are using EW7 you can temporarily use the BETA 7.4 release for now. If you use an earlier version of EW such as 6, 2009, etc. you are out of luck as they will not be fixed.


Do you have any update on when this might be resolved?  We get requests to play YouTube videos occasionally and IE6 is no longer supported.


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We are currently working on a resolution for this issue. We know it affects many users. We don't have a release date yet, but it will be fixed in the next update.

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