Will adding the Premium media package to our EasyWorship 7 negatively effect its performance

We have been EasyWorship customers for about 8 years and have been using EasyWorship 7 for quite a while. Everything is working just fine!  We are interested in upgrading to add the Premium in order to access the social media features.  Will upgrading negatively effect our curret setup with EasyWorship 7??  I am very nervous about adding it and then finding out that our setup is then rendered unusable or that we have serious quirks.  If anyone has any experience with moving to Premium, would love to hear about it.  Thanks.


When you say 'social media features', are you meaning the Alternate output to be able to stream your service, or using the premium media you can download that is formatted for social media?

Using the premium media I guess I'm not clear whether I'd need to reload Easy Worship to use those premium images once we pay for access to Premium. Thanks.

No, you won't need to reload EasyWorship to use any of the premium media. Getting the premium subscription gives you access to download any of the premium media from our website or from within the store in EasyWorship. It won't affect your EW setup at all.

OK.  Thanks.  Just needed that confirmation.  


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