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Is Easy Worship compatible with Windows 11?

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I have purchased a new computer, which automatically upgraded to Windows 11 when I first logged in.  I have been unable to install Quicktime,on this machine.  Is Quicktime still required for the EasyWorship application?  Also, I have had issues with the machine "flashing" and going to a white screen with I first log in, I'm not that hardware savvy, so I'm not sure if that is a problem with my computer or something to do with EasyWorship.  Has anyone else experienced these or similar problems?

You do not need to install QuickTime. 

If the screen is flashing make sure that you are securely connected to the projector or TV. Also under EDIT//OPTIONS make sure that you do not have the Alpha Channel enabled. 

Terry, if Quicktime isn't needed any longer someone needs to update the link to codecs and viewers support page that is posted on the EW7 Download Page. And while they are at it they should also remove info on PowerPoint Viewer as well. That hasn't been available for several years.

If you are talking about this link It is specified at the top that the only thing EW 7 needs is Dscaler. 

That still doesn't account for the now non-existant PPT Viewer.

It is gone now. 

Thank you.

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