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I am able to print music sheets from Song select if I go directly to my song select account. I used to be able to do this direct from Easy Worship. But now I get messages saying I am using the wrong browser, not having Java script activated and Noteflight not accessible. I have done everything possible to cover these requirements, but still no joy. But the same computer has no trouble when I go direct to song select.

I am running V

We appreciate the use of EasyWorship and the need for integration with other applications such as SongSelect. We would love to use another browser that SongSelect fully supports, but it is not that easy. To integrate a browser into a Windows application, we must use a Windows Interface object. Unfortunately, the provided object interface by the Windows API supported by most recent Windows versions is Internet Explorer. You cannot just take a standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or newer versions of Microsoft Edge and embed them into an application that is backward compatible with earlier versions of Windows. We are working towards a few solutions that we feel will resolve any issues in the future. But the state of our SongSelect integration is not due to lack of interest or us being lazy. Full-featured lyric integration is high on our lists of features to update in the near future. We appreciate your support for EasyWorship.

Thanks Donal, I'm not so dumb after all. I'll keep going direct.

When you go to SongSelect directly you would be using a browser like an up to date version of Chrome, FireFox, Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, etc. that is fully supported by Song Select. EW, on the other hand, calls up an outdated (and technically no longer supported) browser Internet Exploder. Song Select stopped supporting IE quite a while ago. EW just hasn't shown any interest in fixing the problem. Your best bet until EW gets off their butts and fixes the issue is to go to SongSelect via a supported browser like FireFox, Chrome, or any of the up to date browsers based off of Chromium as you never be able to get Song Select to work fully in Internet Exploder.

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