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 How do I set the default slide aspect ratio

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The slides in EW will use the resolution you have set in windows. If you're using a 16x9 resolution, that's what the default will be in EW.

Sorry but I do not understand this. Are you saying that I have to set my widescreen laptop display to 4x3 to get EW slides to default to 4x3. Is that the only way?

Are you saying that the only way is to have my widescreen laptop display set to a 4x3 aspect to get EW slides to be 4X3?


If you want EasyWorship to display 4x3, you will just need to set the secondary monitor that you're sending the output to a 4x3 resolution.

If you're not connected to a secondary monitor/projector, then you can set a custom position in the EW Options to be a 4x3 resolution.

In the future so there isn't any confusion between the question and answer, if you would like a more specific answer to your use case, please be more specific in your question.

Many thanks and I agree I should have been more specific.

Not a problem Roger. Happy to answer your questions. Sorry to point you out directly. Overall, it just makes answering questions easier and it also makes it a lot easier for other users to find answers quickly when searching. :)

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