Purchasing and installing bibles

I have purchased the NKJV bible on easyworship but it is being displayed as “Buy $29.00” and when I try to purschase it again, my cart is empty and glitches when I try to purchase it. I have a receipt for my original purchase but I can’t install anything

We have purchased the Afrikaans 1953 and Afrikaans 1983 versions. There is, however a new 2020 Afrikaans version published. Any indication of when this version would be available?

Thanks in advance.


Johan Freysen

It's possible you purchased the bible on your user account instead of on your church account. This does happen. I would recommend you contact orders@easyworship.com and they can get it straightened out for you.

I've had this problem before and what fixed it for me was going to the Help menu in EasyWorship and clicking on Register Products...

As soon I clicked on that it immediately activated my purchase in the list of Bibles. I didn't have to click on anything else in the window that popped up. 

(I assume that's what fixed it for me, unless that was just coincidental.) 

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