Powerpoint transition behaviour different when played in easy Worship


We received a powerpoint (.pptx) file to be used during an item in our church service.

We found that this presentation behaved very different from powerpoint when it was played in easy worship:

The transitions were defined as both an automatic transition on time, but also "on mouseclick".

When played in powerpoint, the slides wait for the mouseclick, ignoring time settings.

However, in Easy Worship, the slides automatically forward, not waiting for the mouseclick.

This was annoying, since the file was tested in powerpoint and not in easy worship.

Easy worship should not behave different from powerpoint when using the same file.

We use Easy Worship 6, but I have tested in the demo version of easy worship 7 and the behaviour is the same in version 7.3.

We do not use the powerpoint viewer, the latest powerpoint version from office365 is used.

Thanks in advance for fixing this issue.

Best regards,



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