Ang Biblia, 2011, Cebuano

Good day!. I would like to request to the technical team to add the Bible Version: Ang Biblia, 2011, Cebuano. The Publisher is Philippine Bible Society. here are the details of their main office address: 890 United Nations Avenue, 1000 Manila, Philippines Tel: (632) 8521 5792, (632) 8521 5785, (632) 8526 7777 Fax: (632) 8521 5803, (632) 8521 5788, Email:

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I need this version also.

Why have we not receive any response for Philippine Language?

Publisher contact information is required to begin the approval process. Please send any information you have regarding this bible’s publisher to Bible request submissions must include:

Official Name:.
Official Abbreviation:
Publisher Name:
Publisher Website:

Official Name: Ang Biblia, 2011, Cebuano

Official Abbreviation: ABCEB

Publisher name: Philippine Bible Society

Publisher website:

Hoping for your favourable action to our request.

Thank you for the request details. We have received your email as well and will add this to the translation request list.

hello.. hope to have this bible translation be avaible on easy worship.. thank you

When a bible request is posted on this forum or via support ticket, the first step is to moderate it to track the overall level of interest from our community. You can review the steps in the pinned comment here: This bible does not have enough interest yet to contact a publisher.

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