NEW! Stream Deck Plugin

We have some exciting news for anyone that uses the Stream Deck to control their EasyWorship schedules. We now have a native plugin for the Stream Deck!

This plugin will pair directly with EasyWorship through the Remote button, so you won’t need to configure any buttons. Just pair it and add the actions you want to use to the Stream Deck and you’re good to go.

To install this Beta version and try it out, click HERE.

Please give us any feedback you have.

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Now this looks interesting. Thanks.

Now to start rounding up enough funds to grab a Stream Deck.

Hello everyone!

More exciting news. Our EasyWorship plug-in for the Stream Deck is now live in their store. There's no need to download it separately.

Just open the Stream Deck software and click to open their store and search for EasyWorship. 

Be sure to install it and give it a 5-star rating if you like it!

Definitely so excited for this one!

I really like this, but recently ran in to an issue trying to pair the stream deck. Easy worship states a license is required when i try to pair it now. I cant find anything about a license required for this plugin.

Since we have a stream deck plugin now, will there be an API released as well?

Hi - I installed the stream deck and the EW plugin today, but when I start up EW and  try to set it up as a remote, its not showing up in the list. Couldn't find anyone with a similar problem in the forums so...


In the image above you need to click on the "OFF " to turn it on. 

when i click that it wants to install bonjour print services for windows for some reason. Even when I do that, nothing happens. I guess I was expecting the Stream Deck to show up in the available devices? The stream deck is configured/working with OBS, etc... 


I'm having the exact same issue.

Okay, so I figured out why it wouldn't show up to me. I thought I had EW set to update automatically, but I did not. So, after I downloaded the new version of EW and rebooted my computer, the StreamDeck appeared in the Devices options finally. It all appears to be working (and it's so much better than hotkeys).

Yea, already tried that. :-(


Hi - is the plugin a supported thing? Plugin is installed, Easy Worship is up to date, stream deck is working otherwise, Is there someone from EW who can help? 

You have to have Bonjour installed on the computer for the Remote feature to work. You also need to have Remote turned ON. If you still aren't seeing the Stream Deck showing up under Remote, restart the computer and try again. If it still isn't working, please contact support and they will be able to walk you through it.


Thanks, yes all of those requirements are met. I will contact support as you suggest.

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