audio delay

 Can the audio of a video file contained within the schedule have an audio delay assigned to it to compensate for the 1 or 2 frame audio to video error caused by HDMI processing and distribution?

There is not a way in EW to delay the audio.

I'm streaming EW with OBS and use a 100mS delay in OBS to sync audio and video.

then project the OBS output,

maybe this helps?

As Dan Willard stated above EW doesn't have that capability to make such an adjustment. 

even the fastest camara has a frame delay, simpel audio has not. delaying the audio is your only option to sync. in a small church you do not show your output,

don't make a close up or only show text. in mine people see all and are used to it. as said I stream 60 fps and 100mSec delay with OBS to YT to get the best result at home. since w're in lockdown there are few people ......

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