auto update

Hallo fellow EW users

Once in a while a visit the EW website. I discover that there is a new version.

BUT I didn't got a message and even if I let the software look-out for new software. it just

mentioned that I used the latest. but that's not correct.

Does anyone have the same experience?

Henk Tulp

The Netherlands

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If you're referring to the new 7.3 build, This has not yet been released as an automatic update. We just did a soft release on it and it has to be downloaded manually. In the near future, we will release it as an automatic update. 

However, the previous version of EW did have a bug where the Check for Updates did not work, so for this next update, it may need to be manually downloaded anyway. We have fixed this in the newest build, so in the future, this should work properly.

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