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I note that in the 7.3 release of EasyWorship the hotkeys to advance the slides have changed. Now, rather than using the down arrow key to move to the next slide we have to use the right arrow key. I find this most annoying as my fingers have a define tendency to continue using the old hotkey definitions. What I find even more annoying is that our remote Bluetooth pointer no longer works to advance the slides; it advances to the next scheduled item instead. Please, is there anyway to revert to the previous hotkey definitions?

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You need to post this in the Beta forum. That is what it is for. 

Excuse my naivety but surely 7.3 is no longer a beta release as it's available on the download page as an official release?

I hadn't noticed that it was on the main download page. I was going off of EW not posting a Release Announcement prior to my making that post.

You might want to try the information in the following Knowledge Base Article. It's for older versions of EW7 and primarily for setting up remote controls, but it might still work on the 7.3 releases and allow you to do what you want. Be sure to backup any of the files that it asks you edit in case it goes wrong.

Aside from that EW Support might have another way of doing it. I'm just an EW User helping where I can. Unfortunately Church did the One Time Purchase (back when that was a thing) and we aren't eligible for the upgrade to 7.3. Knowing that we didn't need the extra features in 7.3 and wouldn't be purchasing a subscription to enable us to get something we don't use I never bothered to try the Beta releases of 7.3.


Thanks so much for the pointer. I only tried the manual method described in the article which was fortunate as things have changed slightly. When you follow the instructions and double click on ProgramData\Softouch\Easyworship.v7\Settings you are presented with a number of files which include Hotkeys.ini and also  HotKeys.2.ini.

HotKeys.ini has the same contents as described in the article, but HotKeys.2.ini has different contents. To restore the arrow functionality as in the previous release I edited this file and set the contents as below, modifying the entries for SlideNextKeys, SlidePrevkeys, ScheduleNextKeys and SchedulePrevKeys. The old functionality was successfully restored.



















SlideNextKeys=78, 40, 32

SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8





Glad it worked out for you and that you posted about your success. All too many posters never post back.

where is the hotkey.ini file?  What happens when the next release is installed?  Will the changes be switched again?  

This is my first time here, and if I'm posting this incorrectly, please let me know.  I would like to suggest that 1) the hot key assignment be made graphical; be an option on a preferences/options page.  2) Any previously set hot key is saved so that future upgrades do not alter them.  that is what I would request.  thank you

The Hotkey.ini files (there are two) are to be found in ProgramData\Softouch\Easyworship.v7\Settings on your system drive.

thanks Pete.  I should've read your original post more carefully.  ;)  

We have written an article that walks you through fixing your hotkeys after updating to 7.3 from a previous version where your hotkeys were working.

Revert Hotkeys

My question is why did EW change the HotKey assignments in the first place? 

 I cannot find the Settings folder as described in the "revert hotkeys" article referenced above. Any other ideas?

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