Preparing schedules at home

Hi all I have a couple of questions around preparing schedules. Can you prepare schedules at home rather than having to do it on the main pc locally that will be in the church? So possibly install easyworship on both the church device and the home one and then either save the schedule to a usb stick and take it to church or possibly will the schedule already be on the church device once you log in as it saves the schedule to the account cloud based? Many Thanks Dan

Hi Dan, You can install EW at home and prepare your schedule. We do not have a cloud storage, but you can save it to cloud, like Dropbox or Onedrive, or you can save it and copy it to a USB drive to transfer it. Just remember when saving the schedule to check the box at the bottom of the Save window to Pack the files. If you don't do that, the backgrounds and videos/motions will not work (unless they are in the resources on the church computer already).

If you want to save changes or songs into the database that you created at home, when you open the schedule on the church computer, just right click in the schedule and Check for Changes and you can import the changed or new info into the database in the church computer.

Thanks Dan, can you also recommend an easy way to set up songs within the schedule where the worship team may only want certain verses sung that week but not to permanently change the song in the database?

When you add a song to the schedule, edit it in the schedule. Any changes you make to a schedule will only be saved in that schedule. It will not affect the database song unless you check for changes in the schedule and save it to the database.

So editing a song for one service, just edit it in the schedule and change it however you want.

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