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We recently replaced our laptop with one that had the NVIDIA G force card, just as the Easy Worship website stated. We purchased a Matrox Dual head2go, digital version, and tried to activated it. After a week of back and forth with Matrox, we now learn that the only way to use a laptop with the Matox box is if the laptop has either VGA or DVI. It will not work with HDMI. I really wish Easy Worship would have said that before we spent upwards of $900 to get a special laptop and a useless card. Is there any other splitter box that with work? I can't find any laptop that has the NVIDA video card and a VGA or DVI output.

Thank you.

EXACTLY what laptop did you purchase? Most laptops that I have seen that have Nvidia graphics that are capable of running EW properly will have 2 video out ports. That would allow EW to use the laptop display as the control screen, one of the two display out ports to run FOH, and the other to run Foldback.

As for the Matrox box not working with HDMI, that is something that Matrox should disclose up front. Unfortunately they state that the use of HDMI to Display port adapters are supposed to work. If it doesn't that is Matrox's problem. EW does NOT list the DualHeadToGo Digital edition to work with HDMI and don't recommend it anywhere on their Supported Hardware. They only list the DHTG. Those are different products with different capabilities.

And EW does not have the time, resources, or funds to test every laptop and external device that is released for full functionality with EW.

Please note that I do not work for EW. I'm just a satisfied EW user doing what I can to assist other users

MSI GF63 Thin i5 GTX 1650 MaxQ 8GB/256GB Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD Display, Intel Core i5-10300H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MaxQ, 8GB DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Windows 10 - GF63222

This is an inexpensive Walmart laptop but even at $650, it's not inexpensive for our church.


I've been using EW for years and have really enjoyed it. We used to have the Foldback option and it worked great. We ended up having to replace the laptop and the new one didn't support the Foldback.  EW told us that we will probably have to get a CPU instead of a laptop, When we had to replace this laptop and EW had the NVIDIA card and the Matrox box listed again we jumped on it. (I'm assuming you received the snip of the laptop requirements on EW.)

I appreciate your explanation, it addresses the issue and I'm sure it's correct. It does make sense.  It's just a little frustrating when we follow the listed information and still don't have the capability. I understand that you are a product user, not an employee, and I do appreciate your time. I'm just wondering why EW doesn't have a phone number direct Customer Service access.  

Thanks again.

The Matrox box you purchased is NOT the one EW suggests, nor is it listed on EW's support site. You need to get one that is compatible with your laptop.

And Easy Worship does have a Customer Service Phone Number. It can be found on the bottom of pretty much every support page. (+1-918-250-1493)

IF the laptop you purchased has the latest USB C port, (and seeing you just purchased it, is fairly likley it does) you can use that - with an adapter - to give you another display. (You can buy USB C to HDMI, VGA and all sorts of things, adapters on eBay or most shops that supply any computer gear) I did it just yesterday,on my wifes small HP laptop where she needed to be running three monitors. We already had one plugged into the HDMI port so I plugged in the USB C adapter that also has an HDMI port built in. Bingo! Three monitors working fine with no extra software installation.

This is much easier to use that the Dual Head To Go and would work fine for the third monitor output of EW.

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