Using EW7 for VAcation Bible School

Hi, New user, and I am putting together slides for use in the VBS program.  I would like to use a JPEG image of the VBS title and be able to play MP3 music files while showing the image.  Cannot figure out how to link music into the image.

2nd Question: I have used the DVD editor to extract he songs, but when I play them in EW, the do not start automatically, I found I have to click on the player progress bar and the click play.

The first question is fairly easy. Instead of using an image you need to create a new song in the songs area with no words. Add the JPEG as the background and add the mp3 as an audio file and drag that into the schedule. See the video below for more detailed instructions. I have done this numerous times for VBS and other similar children's ministries. The audio file should start playing automatically.

For the second part, I would rip the audio files from the DVD or CD on to the hard drive of the computer and copy the MP3 files to the resource area to use. Playing them from the hard drive tends to be easier than waiting for the DVD drive to spool up and start playing.

Thank you for the tip on the Audio files.  For the 2nd part, we want to play the song from the DVD so the kids can work on their "dance  moves".  I have a work around by clicking on the EW player progress bar, but I think the DVD segment should start to play when you launch the slide.  I guess I will talk to support.

If the Motions are on the DVD with the Audio they are normally a Video File that can be ripped from the DVD as individual Video files. That's what we have encountered in the past. I just used Handbrake to rip the various video files to the hard drive, imported them into EW, and played them from there. Handbrake is free and does an excellent job on this. You will have to

Unfortunately I haven't had to play a DVD from within EW for the last 8 to 10 years so I can't really remember how to set it up these days. I do know it was a lot more complicated than just ripping the DVD to the hard drive.

Thank you, I will try handbrake.

I forgot to include the tutorial on how to setup Handbrake and Rip DVDs in my previous post.

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