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Hi, I'm part of the tech team at my church. We have been livestreaming for a while by using Boxcast ( And we are going to start making and using graphic on are livestream soon. So we talked about using easyworship to put graphic up, but the only problem is that whatever goes up on the projector goes up on the livestream. Like if we want sometimes to go on the livestream but not the projectors. So I wanted to know if you guys had any suggestion or recommendation. I heard about vmix is also a graphics and livestreaming program, but I don't know if it will work with easyworship.

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You can use OBS, VMix, or other streaming programs to do what you want. Essentially what you would do in OBS, Vmix, etc. is setup a scene (or multiple scenes) for the graphics you would want to display and switch to them as needed. I'm more familiar with OBS which calls them scenes. Not sure what Vmix calls them, but that would be covered in the user guides for VMix. There are a lot of tutorials for setting up OBS and VMix that you can Google.

Google using whatever streaming program with Boxcast for instructions on how to do that. See below for how to integrate OBS with Boxcast.

We have a new version coming very soon that will allow you to send a separate output to your livestream. Check out this post from the link below to download and test the beta.

EasyWorship Beta

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