EasyWorship 2009 with a PowerPoint File loaded, when i load a media video. Conflict

I am running EasyWorship 2009.  I create a PowerPoint file for the Sunday Service.  With just the PowerPoint file loaded EasyWorship works fine.  When I load a media video, and try to run it it runs; I get sound but no video on the TVs.  However if I run the Media in Easy Worship without loading a PowerPoint, EasyWorship works fine and the video shows on the TVs.  We do not have PowerPoint the church computer but we have PowerPoint Reader.  we have K-lite_Codec_Pack Installed.  Everything worked fine until the mother board and video card had to be replaced. I purchased EasyWorship 6 some time back---Used it twice but stayed with 2009. Would things be better if reload EasyWorship 6?

Sammy Griffin



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Did you install the correct VENDER SPECIFIC drivers from Intel, Nvidia, and/or AMD for the new motherboard and video card? The ones included with Windows Update rarely work well enough for EW.

Next, EW6 is at least supported unlike EW2009 and is properly supported under Windows newer than 7, unlike EW2009 which isn't. So the chances of EW6 working better are fairly high. And without knowing what your hardware specs are it's difficult to say if the problem is hardware related or not. But you can look at the System Requirements For EasyWorship at the following page. You need to verify that your hardware meets or exceeds the requirements for the types of video as well as the resolution you project them at.


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