Using songselect within EW7

My primary browser is Chrome. When I'm in EW7 how do I tell SongSelect to use chrome instead of internet explorer? Or do I have to use Edge?

You can't select or change which browser EW uses. At this point it defaults to Internet Exploder.

But songselect doesn't use IE? It won't always allow me to download song lyrics. Sometimes it does, sometimes it won't. How can this be resolved? It's a great feature having it associated with EW7.

Easiest way is to use your browser of choice outside of EW and do a copy and paste instead of importing from within EW for now. Hopefully EW Support will be able to change things in a future update that will allow EW to use a more up to date and supported browser soon now that Microsoft has ended support for Internet Exploder. 

You should be able to download songs into the program from Song Select inside EW7. If you are not able to then you will want to create a ticket and we can help you trouble shoot the issue. 

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