Issues with .wmv files

Our church on occasion runs .mp4 or .wmv files containing words and music in lieu of live music. We have just gone to EW7 and mp4 are functioning well but have trouble with .wmv files in some cases....not all just some. What happens is the sound track is fine but the words freeze on the first display. Interestingly simply opening the faulty file within the computer (not on ew) they work fine but as soon as you bring them onto ew7 they fail. I've tried both bringing directly into the schedule from the computer storage and from the ew7 video database and same result. Any ideas?

My Pleasure. I keep it installed on our EW computer for last minute videos that someone brings in. 

Handbrake solution worked really well and easy too. Thanks

Thank you

Your best option is to use Handbrake to convert the video files to MP4. The software is free and it doesn't take long to convert a short lyric video. Our computer can do it in real time or less. I say this because EW doesn't really support WMV files these days.

The other option is follow the steps in the following support article. Personally I would convert the files to MP4.

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