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 I keep getting the same error message.  The photo of the error message is below.  Thank you.


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What BUILD of EW 7 are you using? You can find that by going to Help - About.

What version of Windows? 7, 8.1, 10?

And what are you trying to do when the error pops up?

Is this something new that just started happening recently?

Is this a new install or have you been using EW for awhile?

Do you have Apple Quick Time installed?

I have that same problem on 2 out of 5 computer. on one computer (laptop) it started last week. It is running EW on Windows 10 (Home)  20H2 , build 19042.285. On a second computer (desktop) it started several weeks ago. It is running EW on Windows 10 Build 21382.

We use EW  We use windows 10. It happens when I try to drag a theme on to a slide already in the schedule.  It has been happening for a few weeks now. I do not have apple quick time installed.

What Version and Build of Windows 10? Press the Windows key then type winver and hit enter. It should popup a Window similar to the one below. The information we are looking for is Highlighted.


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