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So I'm in service right and my Pastor (Dad) is loving what I'm doing with EasyWorship...the software is amazingly perfect but my only problem is trying to find a way to animate the words specifically on my songs as I display them (not worried about animated scripture) is there a way I can go about with that?

i use EasyWorship 6 for lyrics because 2009 crashes whenever I try typing lyrics.

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I don't know any way to animate words in any version of EW.

The issue you mention in EW 2009 normally only happens when trying to run early releases of it on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. EW made patches for 8, 9.1, and 10 that helps, but please note that support for 2009 ended several years ago and it was never fully supported on Windows 10. You can find the later patches for EW2009 at the link below. You would need the 2.4 patch for Windows 10 Support. That normally solves the issue you mention.

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