Larger PowerPoint slide icons

How would you like the feature to work?

It would be fantastic if EasyWorship 7 would have the option to make the PowerPoint slides like 50 - 100% larger than what is currently being offered with the "Large Icons" view, since our lower third text is just a tiny bit too small to read comfortably when using the Large Icons view in the live pane.

Why is this feature important to you?

Having larger PowerPoint slide icons would allow the person operating EasyWorship to follow the text much easier and more accurately.

Currently the person would have to basically read from the projector to follow, but this does not work to find the correct slide when the speaker jumps around.

There is currently no workaround, since 

a) changing the Windows resolution to a lower resolution simply makes the text less crisp/clear. 

b) Resizing the live panel just adds more slides into the view.

c) Changing the Windows 10 scaling from 100% to like 150% results in the PowerPoint slides not filling the program output and instead it moves to the top left and leaves a big black part at the bottom and right

I have attached a screenshot as an example of how small our PowerPoint presentation text is when using Large Icons in EW7.

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