Ability to add custom buttons near the Logo, Blank, Go Live buttons

It would be amazing if we could add a limited number of custom quick action type buttons up near the Logo/Blank/Go Live button area.  For example, while we use vMix for our cameras, there is one place in our service where we want to show a camera feed on our sanctuary screens.  The only/best way to do this is through Easy Worship instead of vMix.  It's easy enough to add, to the schedule, a presentation slide with the feed, but MAN would it be even easier if I could create a custom button, one that is always there, with the camera feed.  There could be other possibilities with this feature as well.

I'm also still waiting for something to be done about how one adds content to the schedule.  When the schedule gets long (say more than 20 items), it gets increasingly harder to drop things at the bottom of the schedule.  For example, when I try to drop a picture or other media item UNDER a song or presentation, the white line that shows up allows for very little room to drop.  Either the media item gets attached to the previous item, or it just doesn't drop.  That drop area needs more space, OR a double-click/Shift-click option for adding items to the end of a schedule.

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