Ability to edit songs gone

When we right click on a song or scripture to edit in the schedule, it is not opening the edit screen.

You're running EW7? Does it open the edit window if you right click to edit it in the database?

Also are you connected to a secondary screen that is not turned on at the time you are editing the song? 

Are you by any chance running EW 2009 on Windows 10? If so please make sure that you have installed the latest Win 10 Patch as that is a common problem for EW 2009 which is no longer supported at all and was never really "officially" supported under Windows 10. See the link below to find that download if you haven't already installed it. If you aren't sure you can go to Help - About in EW to see what BUILD you are up to. You would need to be on BUILD 2.4 for Windows 10.


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