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When going live the presentation slide auto changes, but the live feed stops and everything else freezes and i cant stop it or even close it without shutting down computer

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I will try to help you. 

When you say presentation do you mean a PowerPoint or and EasyWorship Presentation? If PowerPoint what version of MS Office is installed?

Open EasyWorship and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know which version and build number you are running. 

Click on the Windows icon (Start menu) at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen,

Type in "DXDIAG" and click on 'DXDIAG.exe' or 'DXDIAG run command',

Click Yes when a yes/no question appears,

Click on Save All Information.. at the bottom-right of the DXDIAG window,

Save the information under and obvious name such as "dxdiagoutput",

Attach the saved file to this ticket.

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