I see others were or are having issues with the slides being black. I also read that I need to go back to version to fix this....is this the fix?? OK, where can I find it? 

It's one of the fixes to try, especially if you computer doesn't meet the RECOMMENDED specs. You can download it from the BOTTOM of the EW7 Download Page that most of the threads have included.



Thanks, I definitely meet the requirements..I'll download and HOPE that fixes it.

If your computer meets the RECOMMENDED specs it probably won't fix it. The reason why it helps with MINIMUM spec hardware is that pushes the graphics system considerably harder than

I wish I had a dollar for every person who claims their system meets the RECOMMENDED requirements. It's been my experience that 90 to 90% of the people who post with problems have a computer that barely meets the MINIMUM or is even worse with stock, integrated Intel graphics.

OK, well if I meet the RECOMMENDED specs you're saying there's no fix for this issue. I know we can build slides in EW now but currently that's not an option. What can we do??

What I am saying is that this may not be the solution for everyone and every case, but it is one thing to try. All you can do is try at this point as there are more than one thing that can cause this issue.

OK Don, thanks and will try it

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