Separate the "TITLE" and "Copyright" elements and "Smarten" up the 'Text' box


How would you like the feature to work?

I would like to be able to move the title and the copyright boxes to different areas of the Song Theme, and have them be different fonts.  Also  I would like to remove them individually from slides 2-xx, specifically to lose the title and keep the CCLI info I enter.

Having a TEXT box I can add to a theme is useless to me if it only displays what I type in it.  All txt boxes should be able to display some portion of the "Title" info, i.e. title, cr, author, Scripture reference, etc.

Why is this feature important to you?

I shouldn't need to edit every single song and/or scripture to get this information displayed..

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Also the function / Tags like "Song title", "Verse label" and some custom text

I am trying to understand exactly how this would work. I am not sure what you mean about " I would like to be able to move the title " I understand that the copyright box is fixed at the bottom of the song but I don't understand about the title.  Is there a way you could create a mock up of what you are talking about so I can visualize it?


What I want is the following (see screenshot)

At a song I want make a field with variabel of different “Tags”.

I would to like that the colour and size etc also is adoted in a theme, so I can easy make a switch between the themes.

I would some like the “Reference” what at this moment shows by the scritures only with more functionality with fixed tekst and “tags”.



I hope it is clear now.

Hi there... this is very interesting. Is this something EW team is considering to add in the near future?

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