Enable bible translation to be switched for scripture in the Schedule

How would you like the feature to work?

Once bible verses and translation have been selected and put into the Schedule, I would like a facility to be able to switch between translations for those verses. For example, a passage gets selected from the Scriptures pane in KJV and put into the schedule. Later, decide I want it to be NIV, so I would like to be able to simply select the item in the Schedule and switch to NIV from there (without needing to use the Resources pane to bring a new NIV passage into the Schedule).

Why is this feature important to you?

  1. We have one PC licenced for projection, which stays at the church. Only this PC can have the additional purchased bible translations installed. When our team is preparing a service they use their own home computers which only have the default translations. When they want to use a different translation, it would greatly simplify things if they can simply insert a passage with the default translation and then we use the feature described above to switch it when we load it in church. Some of the people who operate the computer during the service very rarely use a computer so we need it to be as simple as possible, and some are not confident to be finding and inserting additional passages into the Schedule.
  2. Occasionally, the person leading the service may ask for the translation to be changed at short notice. This feature would make it quicker and easier to do it.
  3. Sometimes, during a service, it is useful to think about scripture by reading it in different translations. The feature described would make it easy to switch and display them on the fly without needing to insert several translations into the Schedule.

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AMEN!  This would save SO much time/panic.  We usually have lengthy scripture references, and sometimes a last-minute change just before the service is required to flip to a different translation, OR during the course of the sermon, the presenter will ask for a different translation.  It would be GREAT if I could just highlight the needed scriptures already listed in the schedule, Edit Item, pick the new translation, and Boom, it's done.  :^)

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